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Kids these days know how to navigate the online world better, faster, quicker, and more discreetly than we can even imagine! I asked my teen to make a brochure for her little brother’s concert and within ten minutes, she had a four page, brochure with pictures and fonts and completely professional! It would have taken me half a day just to find the pictures and I never would have gotten the writing right side up on all four pages! These kids intuitively know more. They are well practiced and spend hours every day navigating on a computer. But what they don’t have is the maturity and brain development to understand the social and emotional implications of making a small error in judgment on line. They do not understand how their on line lives now, may impact them way down the road. As our kids speed through technology and social lives on line, we must continue to apply the brakes of reason and the structure to limit the mistakes as much as possible.

But for today, check out this article on a new app that our tweens and teens are using. There is no need for alarm, but a need for more conversations. Talk about this app with your teens. Ask them to show you how it works. Express interest and find out their thoughts.  Knowing about this app is one more reason to keep all devices out of your teen’s bedroom. Teaching your teens to value sleep, quiet time and avoiding temptation when they are alone and tired is one of the simplest gifts you can give.

Consider reading this article on why it is important to keep all devices out of their bedrooms.





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