What I Won’t Miss About Being Room Mom!


Making “a few copies” for the teacher. No teacher in the world has “a few copies”. It’s more like 23 copies of forty-seven pages and they would like them on color coordinated, rotating sizes of different shaped paper, please! I love every teacher out there, and am in awe of your dedication and talents, but come on teachers!! I don’t have a Masters Degree in Copy Machines! Where do I even put the original?!?!9f4277eb0f06fdd057917dd3bc91ec2b

Dealing with my own compulsion to have a perfect party. Between 3 kids and 18 combined years of grade school, I learned one thing for certain in the 15 years of room mom duty…. the kids don’t really care; they just want to get to the mass amount of sugar part!! Trust me! Bring frosting and sprinkles and you are a rock star room mom!classroom-party-ideas

Coordinating Fantastic Friday, Wacky Wednesdays, Pajama Day, Favorite Character Day, School Store, Immigration Simulation day, Pizza Parties…. Did we have any of these things when we were growing up?? I’m glad education is fun and creative, don’t get me wrong. I just wonder how much entertaining do these kids really need? Teachers, you have my respect. Thanks for making everything fun!party-food

Baking 100’s of cut out cookies in non-religious non-holiday seasonal shapes; fall leaves, snowflakes and evergreen trees and the ever popular heart shape cookie for the friendship party on February 14th! I have every cookie cutter shape you can imagine!friendship party

Counting Box tops and yogurt tops! Who is the disgusting human being that decided schools can get money by collecting yogurt tops? I mean really people, what do you do when you open a yogurt? Lick it!!! How gross is that? You lick it and put it in an envelope and I’m the poor mom who has to count ‘em to be sure the right class gets the party for most already licked yogurt tops collected!  download (3)

Being the health room monitor for the day. I don’t like my own kids when they are sick. I am repulsed by other people’s kid who are either oozing something from somewhere or proudly handing me a bloody tooth to put in the little tooth necklaces that appear to have the value of the Holy Grail.  Gross.41SY6a5IPYL._SY300_

What I will miss is being involved in my kids class. I will miss knowing each of his friends. I will miss having a connection with the teachers. I will miss the hugs and thank you’s from the class. I will miss my little boy.

But I’m ready for the next stage. Middle school…here we come.



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