Way to go Moms of 8th grade Girls!

You survived Middle School!

Happy 8th Grade Graduation

Middle school is brutal! Girls go through amazing physical, emotional and academic growth while they are interacting with hundreds of other girls going through the same incredible changes. Unfortunately, that looks like friends turning on friends, mean text messages, constant judgments and pits of insecurity!

One word sums up middle school for girls… DRAMA!

You and your daughter survived!

School was a daily roller coaster of super high highs and super low lows.

But you both made it! Here’s to you and your daughter!

Take a look at what you both accomplished during the middle school years!


  1. You both learned to deal with change! Lots of change! Change of friends. Change of teachers. And the biggest and scariest monster of change… mood!! The amazing up and down of mood change was frightening at times, but take a deep breath and celebrate for one minute, not much longer or moods will shift again, that you both learned a ton about change!


  1. Observation skills allowed the world to be noticed in new ways. Middle school girls are developmentally craving sameness. They want to fit in. They want to belong. Throughout this quest, girls learn to observe the world and make shifts in their behavior or expectations to find their place. Some girls find a way to fit in; others find a way to be ok not fitting in. Both are absolutely OK at this age. But your daughter learned to observe others and that is a great step to respecting others!


  1. Feelings were faced! The really hard ones too! The agony, the frustration, the feelings of loneliness, the sadness, the guilt, the shame, the excitement, jealousy, the thrill of being included, whatever the emotions were at that moment, you both faced them head on! You taught her to feel her feelings, to identify exactly which ones they were and what to do with those complicated emotions!


  1. You both worked on communication skills! You had to understand each other and hear each other. Sometimes that went well, mostly not so well. But she practiced communication skills every single day! She practiced! Not that darn instrument you pay for every month, but she practiced!



  1. Power was discovered! You both may have discovered the power to hurt people with words. Hopefully, both of you also learned that power of words can be controlled and better managed so they hurt people less often. Power to use words for positive change is right around the corner!


  1. Your daughter learned values! She learned what you believe and why you believe it. She may not like your rules or limits. She may fight the rules everyday or any chance she can get, but she is learning values. You are teaching her to decide what she believes is right. She is developing her own values!


Job well done!! Your daughter probably learned a new language, how to make a brownie in a mug,  algebra, state history and a whole lot more thanks to you! You have officially earned your Master’s Degree in Mama Drama Management!

And your teen is one step closer to being confident, powerful and absolutely sure of who she is! Take a minute and breathe because High School is next!!




Joy Hartman is  passionate about empowering girls to become strong, confident women. She works with girls of all ages as a family therapist in Wisconsin and has the unique experience of raising two soon-to-be strong, confident teenage daughters of her own. For more fun and support on this crazy roller coaster ride of parenting teenagers, join Joy and hundreds of  other parents at: Joyhartman.com or Facebook


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