The Best Habit You Can Teach Your Teen!

file0001811854849Do you know the best habit you can teach your teen? Nope, it’s not making their bed, or turning their clothes right side out before throwing them in the hamper. It’s not be nice, or be brave, or study hard. It may be your grandma’s favorite saying. It’s absolutely old school, and it just may save your teens life!

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.

Did you hear that growing up? Do you say it to your teens today? There are a billion things that can go wrong after midnight for teens and adults, but just look at the statistics of drinking and driving to convince yourself  grandma was a genius. But be warned, if you take Grandmas advice, you won’t be the most popular parent. Your teen might hate it and may even seem to hate you for a little while.  In fact, they may pressure you every weekend for a few extra minutes or an extra hour on the night of a big party or a school dance. It’s tempting to give them an extra hour or to get a little loose on the rules. It might even be hard to stay up that late waiting to be sure they are following the rules. After all you have probably worked all day and are exhausted.  It is absolutely ok to tell your teens you will be going to bed at 10PM because you are tired, have worked all week and need to be up early for some reason or another therefore they need to be in by 10PM too! They are a part of a family and will need to be respectful and aware of others in the home! There is no reason parents need to be exhausted and tired so that their teens can be out an hour longer “hanging out” with friends.

Use these numbers to strengthen your resolve.

Parenting is overwhelming and exhausting.

Especially after midnight!


Three out of four drunk driving accidents occur in the early morning hours between midnight and 3 a.m. (NHTSA)

Midnight to 3am is the time period that involves the most fatalities from drunk driving. (NHTSA)

Drunk driving involvement in fatal crashes in 2011 was 4.5 times higher at night  than during the day.  (36 versus 8 percent) (NHTSA)

More teens die from fatal automobile accidents that homicide and suicide combined.



Male teenagers are twice as likely to die in an automobile accident.


More teens die Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.




Whether it’s your teen drinking or someone else’s teen drinking it is more dangerous for teens to be out on the roads after midnight.

Enforcing your curfew or your town’s curfew may just save your teens life.


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