A Parent’s Guide To Mobile Phones

The decision to get your teen a cell phone is probably long over and already assumed by your teen to be a necessity in life. But it is never a bad idea to do a parenting check on yourself about how and why they are using the phone.

Keep in mind that your teen is still learning to use a phone appropriately. They may make mistakes or get into bad habits. Your biggest parental responsibility is to keep talking with your teen about cell phone use, limits, dangers and pitfalls. It is not enough to tell them once. It is important to keep talking about the phone. Keep modeling appropriate cell use yourself. Make comments about your own phone use. Point out horrible cell phone behavior when you see it. Put limits on their cell phone time and usage. Put limits on your own time. Do you all put your phones down during dinner? Do you all plug your phone in somewhere in the common, shared spaces of your home at a certain time each night? Do you ignore texts that come in past a certain time? Do you keep your cell phone well out of reach while driving? When you slip up on those guidelines, talk about it. Ask your teen to help you follow the rules. Expect your teen to follow those rules. The beauty of docking your phone and your teens phone in a common are of the home is that there is an understanding that no none persons phone is private. Not that you are scrolling through each other’s on line lives, but that anyone could. Therefore, if you wouldn’t say it out loud, don’t text it. If you shouldn’t be saying something on your phone, don’t. Its a good rule for you and your teen.

The link below is a great review for parents.



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