How Did You Do This Year?

As 2015 wraps up and we head into a new year, it is a great time as parents of teens to stop and refocus. It is too easy to get lost in the car pools, home work struggles, regular life duties as you get through days and weeks of chaotic schedules and busy family life.  But your teenagers are growing up quickly and each day is a valuable day for getting them ready to be independent adults. Today is a great day to stop and take stock in how you are parenting your teenager. Instead of being overcome with worry or guilt or exhaustion, use this great resource to see what you have done really well and find the areas where you can still improve.

The Search Institute has developed a list of 40 Assets that they believe make up the building blocks of healthy adolescent development and best predict your teen’s future ability to be a healthy, caring, responsible person.

You can use this survey in many ways. Have your teen take the survey, take it for yourself using your own life experiences, or take it as working to do list for yourself as a parent. Work through the list and ask yourself, “have I made this a priority? Have I exposed my teen to this? What can I do better”?

Click here to take the survey and then click on “Take Action” for suggestions on how to provide positive experiences to your teen within each asset.


What assets are you working on in 2016?





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