Clueless or Cool?

textSnap chats, tweets, Kik, Instagram, Tumblr … Are you terrified of the influence social media will have on your kids? Are you constantly trying to stay one step ahead of your teen on managing social media in your home?  Are you tired of spying, monitoring, watching, and fearing the dangers? Why not use social media as a way to connect with your teen?   Why not embrace it rather than fight it all the time?

We can show you how to have a little fun with texting and teens but first you absolutely must agree to one simple rule! When interacting with your teen in their social world, whether it is in front of real live friends or in their on-line world, Do. Not. Embarrass. Them! That rule will be the one constant from the good old days through the digital days! If you are unsure of your embarrassment line, stick with texting one on one. You to them. Never you to their whole entire social world. Ok? Ready…

Send them inspirational text messages. Have a great day! Happy World Smile Day! You are Awesome! Or more specific, well-timed messages, Good Luck on the Math test, you’ve got this!

Send funny pictures. Model healthy, appropriate picture sharing. Show them that a picture of their dad in his dorky coat can be funny without being mean. Or a photo of what you are doing at certain moments of your day can help them understand what you do on a daily basis.

Challenge them to trivia game, quiz game or a drawing game.

Send them codes or challenging texts to decipher.

Learn to use emoticons and have some fun!

By keeping most of your media contacts with your teen fun, witty, inspiring, goofy, and unexpected, you will have a connection. The two of you will have a relationship. As an added bonus they will be so used to including you in their everyday social connections, they just may answer your texts when you really need them to. A text or contact from you will not feel like an outsider intruding into their world. Make your online connection to your teen more about knowing each other rather than keeping track of each other.

How do you use social media to connect with your teen?





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