Girl Power! 5 Ways to Raise an Emotionally Strong Teenage Girl!

Time to Just Be. Our daughters are busy every minute of the day. They are busy socially, academically, physically, emotionally. They are constantly balancing friends and emotions. “Busy” has become more intense for this generation. Teens no longer have to wait even seconds between interactions and receiving information from their social world. They have constant […]

What’s The Perfect Gift For Your Teenager?

The Number One Gift To Give Your Teen This Holiday! Remember those early holidays when your kids were adorable in their matching pajamas, they had crazy energy weeks before the holiday in anticipation of the magic of Christmas morning? Remember when the gifts were piled high by the tree because the littlest things used to […]

Is Your Teen a Mean Girl? 6 StepsTo End The Drama!

Are You Raising A Mean Girl?            6 Steps To Ending The Drama! Does your daughter live in a world of jealousy, gossip and judgment? Are you sick of the drama? Is she constantly on her phone texting to the point of obsessive behavior? Does she snap at you and others? Is she easily frustrated […]

6 Ways To Teach Happiness To Teens

Happiness….is it a losing battle for teens? Do we need to just wait it out and hope that someday our teens grow out of their grumpy, crabby, irritable, short tempered stage?  Doesn’t it seem that they live their lives in a persistent state of unhappy? We know that happier people love longer, remain disease free […]

Make Your Voice Heard Above All Others!

Find out how you can make sure your teen hears your voice when they go out into the world. In today’s world of instant contact with peers and a constant connection to one’s social media world, it is more important than ever to be sure that your teen hears your voice. When they are faced […]

Sleepovers….Love Them or Hate Them?

“Can my friend spend the night”? Do you dread that question? Do you love hearing it? The topic of sleepovers seems to be one of those issues in parenting where most have an opinion. You either love them or hate them. I find myself firmly in the “hate them” category. I hate having them at […]

Cyber Safety

Cyber bullying Exposure to inappropriate content too soon Online predators revealing too much personal information being constantly glued to social media getting caught up in saying things you would never say in person sexting All of these are on line dangers. With technology these dangers are invited into our homes, our kids bedrooms, our kids […]