The Best Habit You Can Teach Your Teen!

Do you know the best habit you can teach your teen? Nope, it’s not making their bed, or turning their clothes right side out before throwing them in the hamper. It’s not be nice, or be brave, or study hard. It may be your grandma’s favorite saying. It’s absolutely old school, and it just may […]

Can Teens Learn Empathy?

Author, physicist, lecturer and the inspiration behind the movie, “The Theory of Everything”, Stephen Hawking, fears that human aggression may be the tragic flaw that could lead to our demise. When asked which human quality he would most like to magnify, Hawking chose empathy, because “it brings us together in a peaceful, loving state.” Empathy […]

What Happened To Motivation?

Is your teen a lazy slug who seems to have absolutely no motivation to do anything productive? Are they perfectly capable of being exciting and fun with friends, but seem to have no energy for school or family? How can you motivate him? How can you teach him to motivate himself? Motivation is what causes […]

How Can My Teen Go From Helpless to Hostile So Quickly?

Does your teen seem to vacillate between pathetic helplessness and outright hostility? Can he change his mood in a second? Are you accused of doing too much for him one minute and not enough the next? We have discovered that mood swings in teens is an actual biological limitation. Teens are still learning to control […]

Moody, Impulsive, Maddening! The Teenage Brain!

What is he thinking?? Is he using his brain? How can someone so smart, make such horrible decisions? Have you ever asked yourself one these questions? Here’s a peek into the developing brain of your teenager! Understanding your teen’s brain development will help you better understand his decisions, thoughts and behaviors.  In teens, the parts […]

What Kind Of Man Will Your Teenager Grow Up To Be?

A recent article published on The Good Man Project Website inspires us to ask our sons, “What kind of man do you want to be”? Have you asked your teenage son this question? Do you know what kind of man you expect him to be? Does he know he has a responsibility to ask […]