10 Life Lessons Teenagers Will Need To Learn….The Hard Way

Teenagers don’t seem to do anything the easy way. Unless of course you count their sloppy approach to chores, cleaning their room, or taking care of your things! They rarely take our advice. They rarely do things the way we would. They seem bound and determined to do it their way! Unfortunately, we know that […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to identify our own emotions, read others’ emotions and navigate our social world. We spend  countless hours shuttling our kids to select sports, endless amounts of energy signing up for and finding the perfect activities for our teens and thousands of  dollars on our teens in general. But do we […]

Calling All Parents of Middle School Kids! Here Is Your Challenge!

Five Challenges For Every Parent Of A Middle School Student! Middle School can be brutal. It is a time when kids are rapidly growing and exploring and finding their place in the middle school world. Parents of these kids work hard on instilling confidence in their kids, supporting them as they navigate academics, peer drama […]

The Teenage Brain and How It Processes Trauma

A recent article written by Vivian Giang, for Quartz, discusses the human brain and the idea that our brains are more susceptible to trauma at two distinct time periods. It is a fascinating read for parents of teens in particular. The complete article is attached here: http://qz.com/470751/your-brain-is-particularly-vulnerable-to-trauma-at-two-distinct-ages/ The adolescent years are widely believed to be […]

What Is Most Important Skill Needed For Teens To Succeed?

The Pew Research Center conducts national surveys about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America. They recently conducted a survey about the one most important skill kids need to have to be successful. This question was asked, “Regardless of whether or not you think these skills are good to have, which ones do you think […]

Your Teenager is Actually Listening?!? But What Are They Hearing?

Your teenagers are listening to you! What you don’t believe me? They don’t do their chores? They seem to ignore you when you need something from them? They flat out tell you they have no idea what you just said? That may all be true to all, but that’s selective teenage listening! They are listening […]