Talking With Teens About World Events

Teens are more informed and more aware than ever about world events. Teens are passionate and care about the world and are forming opinions and ideas at a rapid rate during this time of their development. But as parents how can you make sure they have the information they need, that they are getting unbiased […]

10 Reasons Teens Are Pretty Cool To Have Around

Teens are full of enthusiasm. Maybe not for chores or homework or anything parents could possibly think is important, but they are passionate about something! Video games, fashion, hair, music. Find your teens passion and wind him up. He will reward you with non stop talking about whats really important to him! Teens can do […]

Get Your Teen Talking With This Simple Game!

Family Trivia! Wish your teen would talk to you more? Want to get more details about what they are thinking and feeling? Try engaging them in a little friendly competition.  Ask each other these 20 questions and if they get the answer right, give them the score next to the question. Add up your total […]

10 Realities of Being The Mom Of A Teenage Girl!

Your clothes, shoes, make up, hairdryer, scarves, etc will mysteriously wind up anywhere but where you last put them! Just accept the fact that nothing is yours anymore and you will feel less annoyance! And please don’t delude yourself into thinking the stuff will be in her room! It may be in there on the […]

Introverted Teens Are Amazing Too!

Today’s teens have grown up in a culture that values outgoing personalities, assertiveness and  social connections. Teens have grown up in school systems that value working in groups, giving presentations, participating in plays and concerts and are given more and more social opportunities. They are a generation who is growing up with an overwhelming amount of […]