Way to go Moms of 8th grade Girls!

You survived Middle School! Happy 8th Grade Graduation Middle school is brutal! Girls go through amazing physical, emotional and academic growth while they are interacting with hundreds of other girls going through the same incredible changes. Unfortunately, that looks like friends turning on friends, mean text messages, constant judgments and pits of insecurity! One word […]

Parenting Goal: Raise Good, Kind, Decent Human Beings

My goal in parenting has always been to raise good, kind, decent human beings. That’s it. Simple. So why does it seem so hard?? When my path has been blocked by moodiness, frustrations, disappointments, complete failures, attitudes, defiance and straight up exhaustion, I try to come back to my simple goal. The teen years have […]

I’m Sorry….Possibly The Hardest Simple Phrase to Say!

I’m sorry. These two little words are not easy to say. Some people even pride themselves on never saying it. Some think they say it but it never quite get it right. “I’m sorry, but …” is one of my least favorite kinds of apologies. It doesn’t count as an “I’m sorry” if it’s followed […]

What is On Your Family Summer Bucket List?

As parents of young kids are making day care plans and having life as they know it turned upside down for the short season of summer, it’s a reminder that our teenagers will be out of school too! While they don’t need a babysitter anymore, they probably are the babysitter in some cases, they still […]

Top Ten Reasons To Be A Social Worker

10.  Social Workers are never bored! Families and kids have a way of making every minute of your day interesting, in ways you would never have dreamed! 9. There is no such thing as sitting all day, trying to look busy!  Social Work keeps you moving and active! In fact, you are lucky to have […]

6 Things Every Teenager Needs To Hear From You

Teens are notorious for thinking that they know everything. And they’ll tell you how little you know – communicated through a complex pattern of eye rolls, bad attitude, and sometimes even the profound words, “OMG you are so…” (Fill in the blank here with your teenager’s favorite words.) As much as you thought your teen would […]

Why Do They Insist On Pushing Every Single Limit?

Moms of teens don’t do a great job of supporting each other. I remember long days standing around the backyard watching my toddlers play with my neighbors kids and having supportive, figure out life together, kinds of chats. That doesn’t happen much anymore. Our teens are off on their own play dates and we rarely […]

Litany for Leaving…Preparing Ourselves and Our Teenagers for Leaving

The end goal of parenting is to raise young adults who are capable and ready to leave.  How sad is that? All this effort put into creating and raising pretty amazing human beings and the goal is they will leave us!?! In parenting, a job well done is our children leaving. And every day is […]

Kids Need Love and Safety…Parenting Through Scary Political Times

Our country is facing a huge divide and our kids are watching us for how to react. They need us now more than ever, especially our tweens and teens! When parenting our little children who are afraid we offer comfort. We offer a hug or we move over in bed to make room for a […]